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Five Things You Should Read

September 11, 2019

There is a nagging risk of audit failures, leaders keep tempo and remembering 9/11.

Audit Failure Math: 4 + ⅓ = Not Good


The Big Four failed to properly audit clients in 31.1% of cases examined by the PCAOB since 2009 but it has only disciplined them in 6.6% of those cases. The government could make improvements by being more transparent about its process, according to new research.

Great Leaders Know How Keep Management Rhythm

MIT Sloan Managment Review

In the workplace, leaders help set the beat for their organizations’ and teams’ collaborative efforts. Research shows that the tempo should switch between allegro and adagio.

When It Comes to Corporate Debt, Size Doesn’t Always Matter


Corporate debt has been growing at a rapid pace since the recovery from the Great Recession. But it is just as important to focus on the debt’s composition as it is the amount.

Grande Comment Letter With a Double Shot of Rev Rec


The SEC questioned the coffee chain about several rev rec items as as part of a routine review. Starbucks says it will add to its disclosures to clarify the impact of new accounting standards on certain items, starting with its annual filing for fiscal 2019.

9/11's 18th Anniversary Observations

New York Post

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum will be the site for the annual name-reading ceremony, starting at approximately 8:39 a.m. President Trump is scheduled to participate in the Pentagon Observance Ceremony and will hold a moment of silence at the White House.