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October 16, 2020

Wells Fargo workers fired for defrauding SBA and how to discuss race with colleagues.

Facebook's Libra Selects a CFO


The Facebook-backed stablecoin project, has named former HSBC executive Ian Jenkins as CFO and chief risk officer of Libra Networks. The Group of Seven (G7), an international intergovernmental economic organization, said after a meeting earlier this week that no stablecoin, including Libra, can start operating until regulations are in place.

Zoom Announces Big Security News


Zoom will be rolling out end-to-end encryption (E2EE) next week, allowing Zoom users — free and paid — around the world to host up to 200 participants in an E2EE meeting on Zoom, providing increased privacy and security for your Zoom sessions. Unfortunately, added security comes at a price. Users who enable E2EE will not be able to use certain features, including join before host, cloud recording, streaming, live transcription, Breakout Rooms, polling, 1:1 private chat, and meeting reactions.

Wells Fargo Workers Fired for Defrauding SBA

Charlotte Observer

Wells Fargo has fired as many as 125 workers for allegedly defrauding the Small Business Administration (SBA) in applications to a pandemic relief loan program. A bank investigation found that some workers had made false representations in applications for relief funds through the Economic Injury Disaster Loan program run by the SBA. The funds were sought for the workers personally, and not related to their official duties at the bank, according to the bank.

The 'Safest Indoor Public Space' Will Surprise You


United Airlines says the risk of COVID-19 exposure onboard its aircraft is "virtually non-existent" after a new study finds that when masks are worn there is only a 0.003% chance particles from a passenger can enter the passenger's breathing space who is sitting beside them. Last week, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) released new research showing that among 1.2 billion travelers only 44 published cases of potential inflight transmission and most of those 44 cases occurred in the early days of the pandemic when masks were not required.

Use This Framework to Discuss Race With Colleagues

LinkedIn Learning Blog

Whether you’re a person of color or an ally, the next time you’re presented with an opportunity to have a difficult conversation about race with a colleague or with leaders at your company, try using the Compassionate Curiosity Framework. Acknowledge and validate emotions, get curious with compassion, and engage in joint problem solving.