Five Things You Should Read

February 12, 2018

President Trump to unveil his long-awaited infrastructure plan today, and 5 things to do instead of panicking about the stock market.

Inside Trump's Infrastructure Plan

Fox Business

President Trump will unveil his long-awaited infrastructure plan today, a $1.5 trillion proposal that fulfills a number of campaign goals, but relies heavily on state and local governments to produce much of the funding. The administration's plan is centered on using $200 billion in federal money to leverage local and state tax dollars to fix America's infrastructure, such as roads, highways, ports and airports.

A Finance Checklist to Distract Yourself From the Stock Market

Market Watch

Rather than freaking out about the market’s rough rollercoaster ride, there are several steps consumers can take to better their financial health in just a few minutes. Distract yourself from alarming headlines, take time to evaluate your budget, amp up your investing, pay off debt, and open a higher-interest savings account instead of panicking about the stock market.

CFOs Expect More Stress in Coming Years


Research from recruiter Robert Half suggests that stress is a growing problem for CFOs globally. Three out of four CFOs believe that stress levels will rise over the next two years. The causes of rising stress levels are increasing workloads, growing business expectations and a lack of staff. So, if you’re a CFO who is feeling pretty stressed right now, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The 'Familiarity Threat' For Auditors

Accounting Today

A recent study scrutinizes how bias may play a role when an auditor used to work in the same accounting firm as the CFO of the company being audited. The study found that 76 percent adopt the client’s position on a theoretical accounting issue if the client’s CFO is a former colleague at their Big Four firm, while only 44 percent do so if the CFO isn’t. The alumni effect occurs even if it has been two years since the CFO left the audit firm.

Lead From a Place of Curiosity, Not Judgment


Mindfulness is a popular mantra these days. But how do organizations and companies benefit when leaders invest in mindfulness and bring it to the workforce? Author Gretchen Steidle explains that leaders who approach things from a place of curiosity, as opposed to judgment and blame, and who create policies, space and time that honor people’s need for renewal will inspire those around them to think more creatively and to innovate.