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February 13, 2020

Nissan sues ex-chairman for $90M and 7 signs your workplace culture is toxic.

The T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Has Implications That Go Way Beyond 5G


The necessity of having a huge balance sheet to afford 5G infrastructure combined with the reliance on cable for small-cell technology may prompt U.S. wireless companies to merge assets or acquire cable assets, a phenomenon that’s already happened in Europe. If it happens, the result could test U.S. regulators and possibly lead to some of the largest mergers ever attempted.

Nissan Sues Ex-Chairman for $90M


Nissan filed a civil lawsuit against former Chairman Carlos Ghosn on Wednesday, seeking an initial amount of 10 billion Japanese yen ($90 million). The figure has been calculated based on funds linked to “fraudulent payments made to or by Ghosn” including the unpaid use of overseas property, private use of corporate jets, payments to his sister and personal lawyer, along with the costs of Nissan’s investigation into Ghosn and subsequent regulatory and legal costs.

Sears is Going After Small Businesses to Wrap Up Bankrupcty Case

Crain's Chicago Business

The estate of Sears Holding Corp. is trying to take back payments it made to vendors — many of them small businesses -—more than a year ago as it tries to shore up funds to wrap up its bankruptcy case. For the small businesses affected, it is a lose-lose situation: While the vast majority will settle, many for a repayment far less than the bankrupt retailer originally asked for, the legal fees alone may be financially debilitating.

The Multi-Source Mentality


For mid-to-large organisations, roles responsible for spend management are updating their toolkits with lightweight, dedicated solutions found online, such as a standalone purchasing system. CFOs are moving away from taking risks on single platforms with all-inclusive and premium offers in favour of surveying a large volume of tools prior to buy-in using a simple, flexible and affordable evaluation model.

7 Signs Your Workplace Culture is Toxic

The Enterprisers Project

Take a moment to honestly evaluate your workplace culture against this list of toxic qualities: Verbal communication is minimal, gossip is tolerated, trust is hard to earn, no consequences for poor performance/behavior, few people dominate meetings/decision-making, leaders play favorites, employees are often stressed, overwhelmed, or sick.