FEI Weekly

December 14, 2020

The Must-Have Finance Skills of the Future

The financial professional of the future must utilize strategic and critical thinking skills to solve complex problems, leverage new technologies, and manage ever-changing risks.

Why Digital Business Models Bring Higher Valuations

If you didn’t start your own digital transformation pre-COVID, it’s not too late.

Avoid These SPAC Pitfalls

An understaffed management team is just one of many errors that will lead to an unsuccessful SPAC transaction.

Reconciliation Economics: What Joe Biden’s Victory Means for Companies and Business Leaders

An iron fist in a velvet glove in terms of trade and external policy.

Companies Must Forge Ahead with Lease Transition—Unpacking the FASB’s Fall 2020 Roundtable

The feedback from adopters can provide private companies with insight into the complexities of transition and a roadmap to follow that will hopefully minimize the complexities of compliance.