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August 10, 2018

Why a narcissistic CEO can be costly, ex-KPMG auditor sentenced for insider trading.

Ex-KPMG Auditor Sentenced for Insider Trading


A former KPMG auditor, Daniel Senn, was convicted of insider trading by Switzerland’s top criminal court over trades he made in 2011 on an undisclosed takeover bid. Switzerland rarely hands down harsh prison sentences even if the offense is considered criminal.

Who Will Take Tesla Private?


A handful of global companies have more than $50 billion in cash and other ready resources on their balance sheets, which could be put to use buying up Tesla’s shares: Apple, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Toyota and Alphabet are all possibilities.

Why a Narcissistic CEO Can Be Costly

Stanford Business

At first glance, it might seem worth it for a company’s shareholders to tolerate a narcissistic CEO’s abusive personality. But narcissistic CEOs’ rampant hubris also has a serious downside. Studies indicate that they’re more likely to engage in questionable tax-avoidance schemes, to manipulate accounting data, to overpay for corporate acquisitions, and to seek excessive compensation. On top of that, they subject their organizations to potentially ruinous legal risks as well.

Sinclair-Tribune Mega Merger Off


Tribune said in a statement yesterday that it has terminated its merger agreement with Sinclair, scuttling a $3.9 billion deal that would have given the broadcasting group an even broader reach into American living rooms. It's also suing Sinclair for breach of contract.

3 Tricks to Nail Your Phone Interview

Quartz at Work

Avoid overly familiar language, take a breath before you answer a question, and practice a smooth, courteous wrap-up to avoid awkwardness on your next phone interview.