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April 15, 2019

Trump calls for quantitative easing and 6 ways to stay happy at work.

Trump Calls for Quantitative Easing

Yahoo Finance

"Quantitative tightening was a killer, should have done the exact opposite," President Trump said Sunday, referring to the Fed's monthly withdrawal last year of up to $50 billion of the bonds it acquired during the worst economic downturn since the 1930s Great Depression. His suggestion the Fed return to quantitative easing would put the central bank in the position of adding monetary stimulus and expanding its presence in debt markets in an economy growing solidly and with historically low unemployment.

SEC 'Outgunned' By Companies it Oversees

The Hill

The executive summary of the 2020 The SEC's Congressional Budget says the agency expects to oversee $97 trillion in securities trading, a 29% jump from the $75 trillion it saw supervising in 2019. According to the Hill, the SEC is vastly outgunned by the companies it oversees and the budget shows how difficult effective regulation is without the proper level of funding.

The Unique Challenges Facing a Cannabis Company CFO


Though marijuana is legal medically or recreationally in 34 states, it's still illegal under federal law. And though many businesses have entered that new gray market, the financial services industry has not. Canndescent CFO Tom DiGiovanni says better access to banks would help him grow the business faster and hire more. And, in the long run, raise even more tax revenue for the government.

The 3 Types of Workers Your Team Needs

Accounting Today

A successful team will have organizationalists (people who focus on process, team-building, communications, internal priorities, overall accountability and service satisfaction), technologists (those who will drive the client deliverable and production cycle to its utmost efficiency by maximizing the deployment and access to technology), and clientologists (who will advise and advocate for the financial well-being of clients.

6 Ways to Stay Happy at Work


1. Try to work on different tasks or use different strengths in your job instead of always doing the same thing in the same order. 2. Become a mentor. 3. Take an online course or learn about new software that would be beneficial to your line of work. 4 Network with others. 5. Talk with your boss about your goals, taking on new projects and ask for feedback. Finally, 6. Practice self-care. Take that beach vacation, attend weekly Pilates classes, get a massage or go on a hike.