Lynn Turner

Lynn Turner has the unique perspective of having been the Chief Accountant of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, a member of boards of public companies, a trustee of a mutual fund and a public pension fund, a professor of accounting, a partner in one of the major international auditing firms, the managing director of a financial and proxy research firm and a chief financial officer and an executive in industry.

In 2007, Treasury Secretary Paulson appointed him to the Treasury Committee on the Auditing Profession (ACAP). He was appointed by the Governor of Colorado to three terms on the Board of Trustees of the Colorado Public Employees Pension Fund, a $50 billion dollar investment fund, managing investments for approximately 600,000 investors. He has testified at numerous hearings of the U.S. Congress. He has been a forensic accountant and testifying expert in federal and state courts and in arbitrations during his career. He has served as an arbiter. He has been named to the Directorship 100, a list of influential people involved in corporate governance. He has also been named several times to the list of Top 100 accountants in the United States. Mr. Turner has served on advisory boards of the Public Companies Accounting Oversight Board and advisory boards and committees of the FASB.