KPMG Roundtable Series Explores the Board’s Perspective on the Potential Impact of the Trump Administration Agenda

As the Trump administration’s agenda takes shape, companies and their boards must consider the range of policy initiatives—tax reform, infrastructure investment, regulatory easing, trade policy, and more—that may impact their business strategies, risk profiles, and operations.

The combination of an uneven start for the new administration, a lack of progress on key policy initiatives, the ongoing Russia investigations, and more has made it a challenge for businesses to cut through the noise and begin preparing for what could be sweeping legislative and policy changes. While the policy initiatives may have profound implications for corporate strategies—with the impact often varying based on industry and other factors—there is great uncertainty regarding the scope, details, timing, and priority of the administration’s initiatives.

To help directors, senior business leaders, and investors consider how these issues will impact their companies, the KPMG Board Leadership Center is hosting a series of roundtable discussions across the country to explore key considerations and questions shaping boardroom conversations in this new environment. Questions to be discussed include:

  • Which policy initiatives may have the greatest impact (positive or negative) on the business?
  • How is management assessing the potential impact of these initiatives on the company’s critical strategy and risk assumptions? On investment and growth plans?
  • Does the company have the right level of focus and resources devoted to the effort—and the flexibility to calibrate its strategy and adjust operations quickly?
  • What has been the response of company leadership to the administration’s policy initiatives, and what leadership activities are most important in this environment?
  • What will be the impact of the administration’s policy initiatives on how corporations deal with growing investor/stakeholder demands for companies to address environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues?

Given the expectations of investors, employees, and customers who are increasingly calling on business to take a greater role in addressing environmental and social issues (e.g., climate change, sustainability, income inequality, immigration), KPMG’s Spring Director Roundtable Series will also consider the board’s role in helping companies to navigate these issues and the implications of the increasing volume of shareholder proposals on environmental and social issues submitted to companies for the 2017 proxy season.

To view dates and locations and to register, visit kpmg.com/blcroundtable. For more information, contact the BLC.