Five Things You Should Read

June 6, 2017

The expense reporting nightmare, realty CFO convicted of accounting fraud, and the apps that can make you more productive.

Advanced Analytics: Nine Insights From the C-suite

McKinsey & Company

Conversations with hundreds of business leaders reveal nine ways that they are—and are not—adapting to the analytics revolution.

10 CEOs Reveal the Apps That Can Make You More Productive


There are numerous apps out on the market that can help you reclaim your sanity and help you be more productive.

Ex-American Realty CFO Convicted Of Accounting Fraud

Financial Advisor

The former CFO was convicted of misleading investors by falsely inflating a key financial metric used to evaluate the performance of the real estate investment trust.

The Expense Reporting Nightmare Eases

Accounting Today

It’s a necessary evil that can dishevel even the most seasoned road warrior in seconds with the misplacement of a critical travel receipt.

Science Says This 1 Daily Practice Can Literally Change Your Brain and Make You More Successful


Discover how mindfulness can literally change the way your brain works, making you more happy, efficient, and fulfilled in whatever you do.